Augustine and Politics

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April 2005



The study of Augustine's political teachings has suffered from a history of misreadings, both ancient and modern. It is only in recent years that the traditional lines of 'Augustinian pessimism' have been opened to question. Scholars have begun to explore the broader lines of Augustine's political thought in his letters and sermons, and thus have been able to place his classic text, The City of God, in its proper context. The essays in this volume take stock of these recent developments and revisit old assumptions about the significance of Augustine of Hippo for political thought. They do so from many different perspectives, examining the anthropological and theological underpinnings of Augustine's thought, his critique of politics, his development of his own political thought, and some of the later manifestations or uses of his thought in the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and today. This new vision is at once more bracing, more hopeful, and more diverse than earlier readings could have allowed.


Chapter 1 Dedicatory Preface
Chapter 2 Introduction
Chapter 3 Human Nature and Virtue in Relation to Politics
Chapter 4 United Inwardly by Love: Augustine's Social Ontology
Chapter 5 Truthfulness as the Bond of Society
Chapter 6 Friendship as Personal, Social, and Theological Virtue in Augustine
Chapter 7 Freedom Beyond Our Choosing: Augustine on the Will and Its Objects
Chapter 8 Augustine's Theory and Critique of Politics
Chapter 9 Between the Two Cities: Political Action in Augustine of Hippo
Chapter 10 Democracy and Its Demons
Chapter 11 Local Politics: The Political Place of the Household in Augustine's City of God
Chapter 12 Augustine and the Politics of Monasticism
Chapter 13 The Glory and Tragedy of Politics
Chapter 14 Augustinian Influence and Perspectives
Chapter 15 Toward a Contemporary Augustinian Understanding of Politics
Chapter 16 Sexual Purity, the Faithful, and Religious Reform in Eleventh-Century Italy: Donatism Revisited
Chapter 17 The Enchanted City of Man: The State and the Market in Augustinian Perspective
Chapter 18 Machiavelli's City of God: Civic Humanism and Augustinian Terror


Edited by John Doody; Kim Paffenroth and Kevin L. Hughes
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