Atlas of the Prenatal Mouse Brain

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April 2016



The Atlas of the Prenatal Mouse Brain is the latest addition to Academic Press' list of atlases for neuroscientists and neuroscience students. It fills an urgent need for a comprehensive atlas of the developing mouse brain for use in studies of both normal and abnormal development. High-quality photomicrographs of brain sections are depicted in sagittal, coronal, and horizontal planes for four gestational age groups. Each photomicrograph is accompanied by a fully labeled, precision-drawn diagram for easy identification of brain structures. Researchers and students using normal, transgenic, or mutant mouse preparations in developmental neurobiology, neurotoxicology, and biotechnology will welcome this meticulously assembled and accessible guide.
  • Presents 153 photomicrographs of serial brain sections
  • Represents four gestational ages (GD 12 and 14 embryos; GD 16 and 18 fetuses), each depicted in sigittal, coronal, and horizontal planes
  • Includes fully labeled diagrams identifying brain structures for each photomicrograph
  • Provides complete alphabetical lists of brain structures and abbreviations
  • Presents a full description of tissue preparation method
  • Large format, 8-1/2 x 11" pages in a sturdy hardcover case


1;Front Cover;1 2;Atlas of the Prenatal Mouse Brain;4 3;Copyright Page ;5 4;Table of Contents;6 5;Preface;8 6;Introduction;10 7;Methods;12 8;References;14 9;List of Abbreviations;18 10;List of Structures;26 11;Chapter 1. Gestational Day 12 (GD 12);32 11.1;9 Sagittal sections;32 11.2;15 Coronal sections;52 11.3;9 Horizontal sections;84 12;Chapter 2. Gestational Day 14 (GD 14);104 12.1;7 Sagittal sections;104 12.2;16 Coronal sections;120 12.3;10 Horizontal sections;154 13;Chapter 3. Gestational Day 16 (GD 16);176 13.1;12 Sagittal sections;176 13.2;21 Coronal sections;202 13.3;13 Horizontal sections;246 14;Chapter 4. Gestational Day 18 (GD 18);274 14.1;10 Sagittal sections;274 14.2;20 Coronal sections;296 14.3;11 Horizontal sections;336

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