Asbestos Disaster

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Japan's asbestos disasters, encompassing both occupational disease and environmental pollution, have been caused principally by the asbestos textile, asbestos cement water pipe, and construction industries. This book is unique in its interdisciplinary approach to those disasters as it incorporates medical science, economics, political science, law, architecture, environmental engineering, sociology, and journalism. Written by authorities in their fields, the chapters reflect the integration of these disciplines in topics that include a historical review of asbestos issues in Japan, asbestos-related diseases, international aspects of the asbestos industry, public policy, divisions of responsibility, relief activities in emergencies, and countermeasures enacted by local governments. The lessons of asbestos problems and policies in Japan are particularly important for developing countries to prevent the proliferation of asbestos disasters. This volume serves as a textbook on asbestos issues for all countries, especially where there is widespread use of asbestos.


A Political Economy of Asbestos Disasters.-Notes.-References.-An Exploration of Measures Against Industrial Asbestos Accidents.-Notes.-References.-Why did the Asbestos Disaster Spread?.-Asbestos Pollution and Its Health Effects: Asbestos-Related Diseases in Japan.-References.-Mesothelioma Due to Neighborhood Asbestos Exposure: A Large-Scale, Ongoing Disaster Among Residents Living Near a Former Kubota Plant in Amagasaki, Japan.-References.-Asbestos Disasters and Public Policy: From the Prewar Era Through the Postwar Economic Boom.-Notes.-References.-Persistent Thorns: Responsibility for Asbestos Disasters.-Reference.-Asbestos Industry Transplants from Japan to South Korea.-Notes.-References.-Inaction on Asbestos Disasters and Delayed Countermeasures.-Notes.-Reference.-Process Tracing of Asbestos Politics in Japan: Focus on Fiscal Years 2005 and 2006.-Notes.-References.-Future Challenges for Asbestos Policy in the Construction Industry.-Notes.-Reference.-Local Government Measures Against Asbestos: Tokyo Metropolitan and Osaka Prefectural Governments as Case Studies.-Notes.-References.-Asbestos Litigation in Japan: Recent Trends and Related Issues.-Notes.-References.-The French Indemnification Fund for Asbestos Victims: Features and Formative Historical Factors: Preliminary Observations for a Comparative Analysis of Asbestos Relief Frameworks.-Notes.-References.-Index.

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