American Women in a World at War

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Dezember 1996



This title brings together twenty-five writings by women who share their rich and varied World War II experiences, from serving in the military to working on the home front to preparing for the postwar world. By providing evidence of their active and resourceful roles in the war effort as workers, wives, and mothers, these women offer eloquent testimony that World War II was indeed everybody's war. Litoff and Smith combine pieces by well-known writers, such as Margaret Culkin Banning and Nancy Wilson Ross, with important-but largely forgotten-personal accounts by ordinary women living in extraordinary times. This volume is divided into the six sections listed below:
  • Preparing for War

  • In the Military

  • At 'Far-Flung' Fronts

  • On the Home Front

  • War Jobs

  • Preparing for the Postwar World

  • Inhaltsverzeichnis

    Chapter 1 Introduction
    Chapter 2 I Preparing for War
    Chapter 3 Women for Defense
    Chapter 4 Women in the War
    Chapter 5 The Negro Woman in National Defense
    Chapter 6 II In the Military
    Chapter 7 Yes, Ma'am!: The Personal Papers of a WAAC Private
    Chapter 8 The WAVES: The Story of the Girls in Blue
    Chapter 9 Three Years Behind the Mast
    Chapter 10 Shakedown Cruise
    Chapter 11 III At Far-Flung Fronts
    Chapter 12 Navy Nurse
    Chapter 13 I Served on Bataan
    Chapter 14 G.I. Nightingale
    Chapter 15 Home Away from Home
    Chapter 16 I Knew Your Soldier
    Chapter 17 Shooting the Russian War
    Chapter 18 IV On the Home Front
    Chapter 19 Camp Follower
    Chapter 20 If Your Baby Must Travel in Wartime
    Chapter 21 So Your Husband's Gone to War!
    Chapter 22 The Negro Woman Serves America
    Chapter 23 War Jobs
    Chapter 24 Arms and the Girl
    Chapter 25 Negro Women War Workers
    Chapter 26 Shipyard Diary of a Woman Welder
    Chapter 27 Women and Farm Work
    Chapter 28 VI Preparing for the Postwar World
    Chapter 29 Out of the Kitchen?Into the War
    Chapter 30 Women Workers in Transition from War to Peace
    Chapter 31 Women's Responsibility in World Affairs
    Chapter 32 Our Stake in Tomorrow's World
    Chapter 33 Suggested Readings


    Edited by Judy Barrett Litoff and David C. Smith
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