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Mai 2011



Featuring research by some of established critics in the field of Welsh writing in English, this title aims to engage in an informed way both with the Welsh literary past and with contemporary writing, looking outwards and towards the future.


1 Dialogues of Self and Soul: The Autobiographies of W.B. Yeatsand R.S. Thomas by Neal Alexander2 'A Poet At Last': William H. Davies and Edward Thomasby Judy Kendall3 'The huge upright Europe-reflecting mirror': The EuropeanDimension in the Early Short Stories and Poems of Glyn Jonesby Laura Wainwright4 Glyn Jones and the Uncanny by Tony Brown5 "I want to know what is - behind all of them books...":Images of Education in Early 20th century Welsh Writingin English by Alyce von Rothkirch6 The Pastoral Vision of R. S. Thomas by Sam Perry7 From 'Black Water' to 'Border Country': Sourcing the TextualOdyssey of Raymond Williams by Dai Smith8 'What a fine body of men they are!': Class, Gender and Sexualityin the Authorial Identity of Rhys Davies by Huw Osborne


Katie Gramich
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