Advances in Dynamic Game Theory

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November 2007



This collection of selected contributions gives an account of recent developments in dynamic game theory and its applications, covering a broad range of topics. Written by experts in their respective disciplines, the chapters are an outgrowth of presentations from the 11th International Symposium on Dynamic Games and Applications. Key topics covered include: stochastic and differential games, applications of dynamic games in various areas, such as economics, marketing, and finance, numerical methods and algorithms for solving dynamic games, zero-sum and pursuit-evasion games.The work will serve as a state-of-the art account of recent advances in dynamic game theory and its applications for researchers, practitioners, and advanced graduate students in applied mathematics and engineering. TOC:Preface.- Contributors.- Stochastic Games.- Differential Games.- Applications of Dynamic Games.- Numerical Methods and Algorithms for Solving Dynamic Games.- Zero-Sum Games.- Pursuit-Evasion Games.


Preface Contributors
Part I. Dynamic Game Theory P. Cardaliaguet, M. Quincampoix, and P. Saint-Pierre: Differential Games Through Viability Theory: Old and Recent Results A. Chikrii, I. Matychyn, and K. Chikrii: Differential Games with Impulse Control P. Cardaliaguet: On the Instability of the Feedback Equilibrium Payoff in a Nonzero-Sum Differential Game on the Line S.A. Ganeby, S.S. Kumkov, V.S. Patsko, and S.G. Pyatko: Constructing Robust Control in Differential Games: Application to Aircraft Control During Landing J. Beck and J.A. Filar: Games, Incompetence, and Training M. Margiocco and L. Pusillo: Stackelberg Well-Posedness and Hierarchical Potential Games
Part II. Stochastic Differential Games O. Alvaréz and M. Bardi: Ergodic Problems in Differential Games D.W.K. Yeung, L. Petrosyan, and P.M. Yeung: Subgame Consistent Solutions for a Class of Cooperative Stochastic Differential Games with Nontransferable Payoffs
Part III. Pursuit-Evasion Games A. Melikyan: Geometry of Pursuit-Evasion Games on Two-Dimensional Manifolds J. Shinar, V.Y. Glizer, and V. Turetsky: Solution of a Linear Pursuit-Evasion Game with Variable Structure and Uncertain Dynamics E. Crück, M. Quincampoix, and P. Saint-Pierre: Pursuit-Evasion Games with Impulsive Dynamics I. Shevchenko: Approaching Coalitions of Evaders on the Average
Part IV. Evolutionary Game Theory and Applications J. Garay: Adaptive Dynamics Based on Ecological Stability W.A. Mitchell: Adaptive Dynamics, Resource Conversion Efficiency and Species Diversity T.L.S. Vincent and T.L. Vincent: Evolutionary Stable Relative Abundance Distributions F. Hamelin, P. Bernhard, P. Nain, and E.Wajnberg: Foraging under Competition: Evolutionary Stable Patch-Leaving Strategies with Random Arrival Times. 1. Scramble Competition F. Hamelin, P. Bernhard, A.J. Shaiju, and E. Wajnberg: Foraging under Competition: Evolutionary Stable Patch-Leaving Strategies with Random Arrival Times. 2. Interference Competition R.C. Rael, T.L. Vincent, R.F. Costantino, and J.M. Cushing: Evolution of Corn Oil Sensitivity in the Flour Beetle C.J. Whelan, J.S. Brown, and J. Moll: The Evolution of Gut Modulation and Diet Specialization as a Consumer-Resource Game
Part V. Applications of Dynamic Games to Economics R. Beard and S. McDonald: Time-Consistent Fair Water Sharing Agreements T. Alpcan and T. Basar: A Hybrid Noncooperative Game Model for Wireless Communications H. Shen and T. Basar: Incentive-Based Pricing for Network Games with Complete and Incomplete Information D.A. Behrens, J.P. Caulkins, G. Feichtinger, and G. Tragler: Incentive Stackelberg Strategies for a Dynamic Game on Terrorism R. Cellini and L. Lambertini: Capital Accumulation, Mergers, and the Ramsey Golden Rule S. Luckraz: Economic Growth and Process Spillovers with Step-by-Step Innovation B. Kim and F. El Ouardighi: Supplier-Manufacturer Collaboration on New Product Development O. Rubel and G. Zaccour: A Differential Game of a Dual Distribution Channel S. Jørgensen and A. Di Liddo: Design Imitation in the Fashion Industry T.L. Friesz, R. Mookherjee, and M.A. Rigdon: Formulating and Solving Service Network Pricing and Resource Allocation Games as Differential Variational Inequalities
Part VI. Numerical Methods and Algorithms in Dynamic Games H.J. Kushner: Numerical Methods for Stochastic Differential Games: The



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