Advances in Degradation Modeling

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Juli 2010



This volume is a collection of invited chapters covering recent advances in accelerated life testing and degradation models. The book covers a wide range of applications to areas such as reliability, quality control, the health sciences, economics and finance. It is an excellent reference for researchers and practitioners in applied probability and statistics, industrial statistics, the health sciences, quality control, economics, and finance.


Review, Tutorials, and Perspective.
Trends in the Statistical Assessment of Reliability.
Degradation Processes: An Overview.
Defect Initiation, Growth, and Failure - A General Statistical Model and Data Analyses.
Properties of Lifetime Estimators Based on Warranty Data Consisting only of Failures.
Shock Models.
Shock Models.
Parametric Shock Models.
Poisson Approximation of Processes with Locally Independent Increments and Semi-Markov Switching - Toward Application in Reliability.
On Some Shock Models of Degradation.
Degradation Models.
The Wiener Process as a Degradation Model: Modeling and Parameter Estimation.
On the General Degradation Path Model: Review and Simulation.
A Closer Look at Degradation Models: Classical and Bayesian Approaches.
Optimal Prophylaxis Policy Under Non-monotone Degradation.
Deterioration Processes With Increasing Thresholds.
Failure Time Models Based on Degradation Processes.
Degradation and Fuzzy Information.
A New Perspective on Damage Accumulation, Marker Processes, and Weibull's Distribution.
Reliability Estimation and ALT.
Reliability Estimation of Mechanical Components Using Accelerated Life Testing Models.
Reliability Estimation from Failure-Degradation Data with Covariates.
Asymptotic Properties of Redundant Systems Reliability Estimators.
An Approach to System Reliability Demonstration Based on Accelerated Test Results on Components.
Survival Function Estimation.
Robust Versus Nonparametric Approaches and Survival Data Analysis.
Modelling Recurrent Events for Repairable Systems Under Worse Than Old Assumption.
Survival Models for Step-Stress Experiments With Lagged Effects.
Estimation of Density on Censored Data.
Competing Risk and Chaotic Systems.
Toward a Test for Departure of a Trajectory from a Neighborhood of a Chaotic System.
Probability Plotting with Independent Competing Risks.



From the reviews:

'The topics covered are of current interest and include accelerated life testing and degradation models. ' The volume covers a host of applications to the field, including reliability, quality control, economics and finance. The volume is well organized, structured and presented, and the chapters appear in a logical order. It contains a lot of useful information and applications. ' the volume would be a useful resource for researchers and graduate students involved in this arena.' (Technometrics, Vol. 52 (4), November, 2010)

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