A Structural Perspective on Respiratory Complex I

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Mai 2012



The book contains chapters written by leaders in the research on the structure and function of respiratory complex I. It will provide a concise and authoritative summary of the current knowledge on complex I of respiratory chains. This enzyme is central to energy metabolism and is implicated in many human neurodegenerative diseases, as well as in aging. Until recently it was poorly understood on a structural level, and this book will provide a timely reference resource. Such a book was not published previously. The last time a minireview series on complex I were published was in 2001, and since then complex I field changed quite dramatically.


Foreword; Leonid Sazanov
Part I: Structure and mechanism of complex I1. Structure of complex I; Rouslan Efremov and Leonid Sazanov2. On the mechanism of the respiratory complex I; Thorsten Friedrich, Petra Hellwig, and Oliver Einsle3. Iron-sulfur clusters in complex I; Eiko Nakamaru-Ogiso 4. Current Topics of the Inhibitors of Mitochondrial Complex I; Hideto Miyoshi 5. My Fifty Years Association with Complex I Study; Tomoko Ohnishi
Part II: Evolution of complex I6. The Evolutionary Relationship between Complex I and [NiFe]-hydrogenase; Anne Volbeda and Juan C. Fontecilla-Camps7. Recruitment of the antiporter module - a key event in complex I evolution; Vamsi Krishna Moparthi and Cecilia Hägerhäll
Part III: Mutations in complex I subunits and medical implications8. Characterization of Bacterial Complex I (NDH-1) by a Genetic Engineering Approach; Takao Yagi, Jesus Torres-Bacete, Prem Kumar Sinha, Norma Castro-Guerrero, and Akemi Matsuno-Yagi 9. Cellular consequences of mtDNA-encoded mutations in NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase; Mina Pellegrini, Jan A.M. Smeitink, Peter H.G.M. Willems and Werner J.H. Koopman
Part IV: Subunit composition and assembly of mitochondrial complex I10. The assembly of human complex I; Jessica Nouws, Maria Antonietta Calvaruso, Leo Nijtmans11. Complexes I in the green lineage; Claire Remacle, Patrice Hamel, Véronique Larosa, Nitya Subrahmanian, Pierre Cardol
Part V: Supercomplexes in mitochondria12. Supramolecular organization of the respiratory chain; Janet Vonck 

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