Carrying a Secret in My Heart: Children of Political Prisoners of the Revolution, Hungary 1956 Talk an Oral History

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November 2002



The twelve-day 1956 revolution exerted a lasting effect on the fates of the families of the more than 20,000 who were imprisoned and 229 executed by the regime in the harsh reprisals that followed the crushing of the revolt. The authors present a rich selection of excerpts from the interviews conducted with the children of those Hungarians who were imprisoned for their involvement in the uprising. The intimidation, and the attendant social and economic devastation that it wrought, bore especially hard on the psyches, upbringing and education, and hence the subsequent opportunities and life courses of those children.


Contents; Preface Introduction Chapter 1 The revolution Chapter 2 Everything changes Chapter 3 Living with a stigma Chapter Chapter 4 Communication inside and outside the family and Chapter 5 The turn: belated recognition Chapter 6 The patrimony Appendix Biographies of interviewed persons Bibliography.


Zsuzsanna Korosi and Adrienne Molnar are sociologists at the Institute for the History of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, based in Budapest.

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