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Professional psychodramatists Zoran Djuric and Jasna Veljkovic, explain in user-friendly terms the basics of the technique and present a step-by-step guide to running a psychodrama session. Fully illustrated with colour cartoons offering examples of real psychodrama sessions, Psychodrama explores both the theory and practice in an accessible way.


1. What is Psychodrama?
2. Who comes to Psychodrama?
3. Who is the Psychodramatist?
4. Basic Elements of Psychodrama.
5. Psychodrama.
6. Roles in Psychodrama.
7. Double, Doubling.
8. Mirroring.
9. Catharsis.
10. Therapeutic Factors in Psychodrama.
11. Psychodramatic Terms and Techniques.
12. The First Psychodrama Session.
13. Keywords from the Session.
14. The Second Psychodrama Session.


Zoran DjuriA and Jasna VeljkoviA, MA a psychiatrist and clinical psychologist respectively, have worked together in the Yugoslav Psychodrama Association at the Institute for Neuropsychiatric Illness in Belgrade for over 15 years. Zoran DjuriA currently teaches psychodrama and Bion-Klein-Neokleinan analysis and was previously head of the Department for Psychosis at Padinska Skela, Belgrade. Jasna VeljkoviA, MA is a specialist in clinical psychology and has pioneered psychodrama in Serbia. She has worked, using psychodrama, with psychotic patients for many years and has received an award for popularising psychodrama from the Serbian Association of Psychologists. Miomir TomiA is a professional freelance illustrator who has previously illustrated many books for children and adults, as well as regularly providing cartoons for newspapers.


"This is a clear, delightful and excellent book about psychodrama that will be useful to experienced psychodramatists, trainees, family and group therapists and also to laypeople interested in psychodrama." - Anne Schutzenberger, UN Psychodrama expert
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