Metaphor in Culture: Universality and Variation

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Februar 2005



This exciting book proposes a new theory of metaphor variation.


1. Introduction: metaphor and the issue of universality; Part I. Universal Metaphors: 2. Metaphor: from language to body and back; 3. Universality in metaphorical conceptualization; Part II. Dimensions of Metaphor Variation: 4. Cross-cultural variation; 5. Within-culture variation in metaphor; Part III. Aspects of Metaphor Involved in Variation: 6. How components of conceptual metaphor are involved in variation; 7. Conceptual metaphors and their linguistic expression in different languages; 8. Metaphor in social-physical reality; 9. Metaphors and cultural models; Part IV. Causes of Metaphor Variation: 10. Causes of variation in metaphor; 11. Creativity: metaphor and blending; 12. Culture, coherence, conflict; References; Index.


Zoltan Kovecses is Professor of Linguistics, Department of American Studies, Eotvos Lorand University. He is the author of Metaphor and Emotion (2002), and Metaphor: A Practical Introduction (2000).


'The book is ... thorough and provides a good overview of existing theories before going on to develop these. ... an informative, readable and at times entertaining overview of metaphor and culture.' Psychologist 'It is well argued with a host of useful examples ... The book does provide a wealth of detailed and systematic theoretical material for those interested in how a cognitive approach of conceptual metaphors can usefully address variations in culture. I am sure that not only will it become a key resource for the cognitive linguistic researcher, but that all who study language in culture will find much to consider and reflect on.' Qualitative Research in Psychology
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