The Future of NATO Expansion: Four Case Studies

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Juli 2003



Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia have received only scant attention in scholarly literature over the past decade. This book offers an in-depth analysis of the readiness of the four East European states for membership in NATO. Zoltan Barany examines their political, economic, and military conditions and concludes that they do not satisfy NATO's own criteria for membership. He argues, that while NATO should reiterate readiness to accept qualified candidates, it should not dilute its military capabilities by admitting new members who will be consumers of, rather than contributors to, security.


Introduction; 1. The pros and cons of (further) enlargement; 2. Slovakia: catching up to its neighbors; 3. Slovenia: a regional leader; 4. Romania: twelve years of disappointment; 5. Bulgaria: progress after seven wasted years; Conclusion: comparing the candidates.


'Barany's examination of the road to membership for Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia in NATO as well as his assessment of their NATO-readiness is groundbreaking. His work will (hopefully) go a long way towards avoiding future problems resulting from the first post-Communist round of enlargement.' Journal of European Affairs 'Barany clearly has excellent contacts in the establishments of these states, excellent language skills, and an ability to search out telling documents. The material gathered is outstanding in this sub-field of NATO enlargement studies.' Stuart Croft, SEER
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