Is the East African Community Ready for a Monetary Integration?

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Januar 2015



The East African Community which consists of five East African states, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi, has anticipated inaugurating a single currency, the East African Shilling. The community has aimed to introduce the single currency through a speedy creation process. As such, this book flash an idea that though the East African Community has enormous opportunities to adopt the anticipated grand project in the future, existing bottle necks may hamper the realization of the project through a fast track approach adopted my integrating states. To this effect, this book is useful for academicians, economic policy makers, concerned government organizations and other stakeholders that have interest in the monetary integration agenda of the East African Community.


About the Author:LLB Degree with a Gold medal award from Mekelle University in 2011.MA in Economic Policy in Global Market from the Central European University in 2014.Advanced Certificate from Academy of Diplomacy of Budapest in January, 2015 and LLM in Comparative Law, Economics and Finance candidate from IUC of Turin, Italy in July 2015.
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