Language, Migration, and Identity: Neighborhood Talk in Indonesia

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Explores how language is used in a contact setting to build and present identities, expectations and social relations.


1. Introduction; 2. Long term processes of enregisterment; 3. Enregistering local practices and local spaces; 4. Linguistic signs, alternation, crossing and adequation; 5. Women, narratives, identity and expectations in Ward 8; 6. Learning to become a good ward member; 7. Emerging identities in a monthly Ward 8 male meeting; 8. Chineseness as deviance; 9. Language ideologies and practice in Ward 5; 10. Conclusions.


Zane Goebel is Associate Professor of Sociolinguistics in the Graduate School of Letters at Nagoya University, Japan.


'I highly recommend this work ... documents the interplay between social relations, identity and language use in Central Java, while arguing that conversational participants establish and maintain social relations through the development of SRs and in so doing create identities and define expectations for moral behaviour.' Ellen Rafferty, Asian Studies Review '[This] book offers the reader a window on a corner of the earth where language and identity go hand in hand, a fact further brought into relief by ongoing migration and the resultant readjustments in fashioning individual identities and imagining the social fabric.' Kanavillil Rajagopalan,
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