Cooperation of Liver Cells in Health and Disease

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August 2001



It is only during the last decade that the functions of sinusoidal endothelial cells, Kupffer cells, hepatic stellate cells, pit cells and other intrahepatic lymphocytes have been better understood. The development of methods for isolation and co-culturing various types of liver cells has established that they communicate and cooperate via secretion of various intercellular mediators. This monograph summarizes multiple data that suggest the important role of cellular cross-talk for the functions of both normal and diseased liver. Special features of the book include concise presentation of the majority of detailed data in 19 tables. Original schemes allow for the clear illustration of complicated intercellular relationships. This is the first ever presentation of the newly emerging field of liver biology, which is important for hepatic function in health and disease and opens new avenues for therapeutic interventions.


From the contents: - Cells of the liver lobule - Hepatocytes - Sinusoidale endothelial cells - Kupffer cells - Hepatic stellate cells - Pit cells and other intrahepatic lymphocytes - Cross-talk of liver cells in physiology and pathology - Cooperation of liver cells in eicosanoid synthesis and degradation - Nitric oxide as a mediator of intercellular communication in the liver - Cooperation of hepatocytes and stellate cells in the metabolisms and storage of retinoids - Cooperation of liver cells in the regulation of glucose metabolism - Cooperation of liver cells in the synthesis of growth factors and growth factor binding proteins - Cooperation of liver cells in the regulation of sinusoidal contractility - Cross-talk of liver cells in response to endotoxin - Endotoxin uptake by the liver - Cooperation of liver cells in the process of liver fibrosis - Perspectives - Summary - References - Subject Index
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