Regulation Theory: State of the Art

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November 2001



Robert Boyer and Yves Sailard's Theorie de la Regulation introduces the Francophone public to one of the most important new currents in social science of the past half-century. This long-awaited translation will help broaden its impact still further.
Regulation Theory focuses on the structural features of a given model and has helped enliven the examination of core economic concepts.


Preface to the English Edition PART ONE: A Review of Regulation Theory PART TWO: The Five Institutional Forms Revisited PART THREE: Macroeconomic Dynamics and Structural Change PART FOUR: New Spaces of Regulation PART FIVE: National Trajectories PART SIX: Future Prospects for Regulation Theory Glossary Bibliography List of Authors


"Forty-one papers provide and overview of French "regulation theory."
-Journal of Economic Literature
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