Combinatorics of Symmetric Designs

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The aim of this book is to provide a unified exposition of the theory of symmetric designs with emphasis on recent developments. The authors cover the combinatorial aspects of the theory giving particular attention to the construction of symmetric designs and related objects. All researchers in combinatorial designs, coding theory, and finite geometries will find much of interest here, and this book can also serve as a text for an advanced course in combinatorial designs.


1. Combinatorics of finite sets; 2. Introduction to designs; 3. Vector spaces over finite fields; 4. Hadamard matrices; 5. Resolvable designs; 6. Symmetric designs and t-designs; 7. Symmetric designs and regular graphs; 8. Block intersection structure of designs; 9. Difference sets; 10. Balanced generalized weighing matrices; 11. Decomposable symmetric designs; 12. Subdesigns of symmetric designs; 13. Non-embeddable quasi-residual designs; 14. Ryser designs; Appendix; Bibliography; Index.


Yury J. Ionin is a Professor of Mathematics at Central Michigan University, USA. Mohan S. Shrikhande is a Professor of Mathematics at Central.


'Most results in these chapters have never appeared in book form. Researchers in all areas of combinational designs, including coding theory and finite geometries, will find much of interest here. Detailed proofs and a large number of exercises make this book suitable as a text for an advance course in combinatorial designs.' L'enseignement mathematique
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