Korean Art from the Gompertz and Other Collections in the Fitzwilliam Museum: A Complete Catalogue

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Including a representative range of ceramics from the fifth to the twentieth century and items in various other materials, the collection of Korean art in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, is one of the finest outside of the Far East. Although Korea's ceramics equal China's in quality and technique, they are far less known. Compiled by Yun Yong-i and edited by Regina Krahl, this richly illustrated catalog provides detailed information on each object, as well as background studies on Korean culture and ceramic technology.


Foreword G. St G. M. Gompertz; Editor's preface Regina Krahl; Acknowledgements Duncan Robinson; Catalogue notes; Introduction: Korean culture and technology: Connoisseurs and artisans, a social view of Korean culture Martina Deuchler; The technology of Korean celadon wares Nigel Wood; Part I. Unglazed Ceramics: Introduction Youngsook Pak; Catalogue entries 1-9 Yun Yong-i; Part II. Celadon Stonewares of the Koryo Dynasty: Introduction Yun Yong-i; catalogue entries 10-148 Yun Yong-i; Part III. Punch'ong Wares and Porcelains of the Choson Dynasty: Introduction Younsook Pak; Catalogue entries 149-219 Yun Yong-i; Part IV. Various Works of Art: Introduction Youngsook Pak; Catalogue entries 220-233 Yun Yong-i; Concordances of accession and catalogue numbers; Table of reigns; Maps of kiln sites; Glossary of Korean terms; Bibliography.


Yun Yong-i is a distinguished expert in Korean art. Regina Krahl is an independent researcher and specialist in Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean ceramics.


'... this work by Yun is invaluable for those who do not have the Korean language.' Apollo Magazine 'Having waited more than ten years for the publication of this book, it is good to read essays on ceramics ... that bring long-overdue information to an English-language audience.' Burlington Magazine 'It was the hope of Gompertz that such a catalogue would make people more familiar with this outstanding and far too little-known tradition of ceramic manufacture. This impressively researched catalogue of a fine collection will set the standard for many years to come.' Reference Reviews
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