Rethinking Identity in Modern Japan: Nationalism as Aesthetics

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Dezember 2001



This volume is a major reconsideration of Japanese late modernity and national hegemony which examines the creative and academic works of a number of influential Japanese thinkers. The author situates the process of Japanese knowledge production in the interface between the immediate historical and the wider socio-economic and politico-cultural contexts accompanying the Japanese post-war experience of modernity.This book will be of great value to anyone interested in the history of contemporary Japanese culture and society.


1. Approaching the Question of Japanese Identity and Nationalism 2. 'Overcoming Modernity': Towards an Aesthetic Politics of Identity 3. Uneasy with the Modern: the Postwar Revival of the Modern and the Return of Dissent 4. The Age of Rapid Economic Growth and Romantic Resurgence - Mass Society and the Erosion of Popular Politics and the Social Imaginary 5. Back to Identity: 'Postmodernity,' Nihonjinron, and the Desire of the Other 6. Japan in the 1990s and Beyond - Identity Crises in Late Modern Conditions 7. Japanese Nationalism in the Late Modern World


"Yumiko Iida's "Rethinking Identity in Modern Japan: Nationalism as Aesthetics measures up quite well in those respects: it is one of the most interesting and useful books on Japanese intellecutal history published in recenty years....The book provides intelligent discussions of a number of postwar Japanese intellecutals whose writings are too often neglected in English language scholarship, including Yoshimoto Takaaki, Takeuchi Yoshimi, and Eto Jun....A thought-provoking and valuable survey of the century we so recently left behind."
-"Journal of Japanese Studies
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