Creative Space

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Creative Space summarizes and integrates the various up-to-date approaches of computational intelligence to knowledge and technology creation including the specific novel feature of utilizing the creative abilities of the human mind, such as tacit knowledge, emotions and instincts, and intuition. It analyzes several important approaches of this new paradigm such as the Shinayakana Systems Approach, the organizational knowledge creation theory, in particular SECI Spiral, and the Rational Theory of Intuition - resulting in the concept of Creative Space. This monograph presents and analyzes in detail this new concept together with its ontology - the list and meanings of the analyzed nodes of this space and of the character of transitions linking these nodes.


Preliminaries; Part I: Models of Creative Processes; Rational Theory of Intuition and Its Epistemological Consequences; Basic Dimensions of Creative Space; Further Dimensions of Creative Space.- Part II: Issues of Knowledge Civilization Age; Vision of New Civilization Era; A New Role of Systems Science: Informed Systems Approach.- Part III: Towards Knowledge and Technology Creation Support; Decision Support versus Knowledge Creation Support; Conclusions.


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