The Other African Americans: Contemporary African and Caribbean Families in the United States

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August 2007



Despite their growing presence, research on Caribbean and, especially, African immigrants has been scant. The scarcity of writings on these 'other' African Americans contributes to the invisibility of these groups. The objective of this project is to broaden our understanding of these other African Americans. A focus on intra-racial dynamics among African Americans is important because of the ever-growing diversity of America's black population. The Other African Americans is an edited volume of original research that provides historical and contemporary information on African and Caribbean individuals and families. Each chapter addresses a particular topical area covering the most salient issues facing these immigrants to the U.S. today.


Chapter 1 The Intersection of Assimilation, Race, Presentation of Self and Transnationalism in America Chapter 2 Who Are the Other African Americans? Contemporary African and Caribbean Immigrants in the U.S. Chapter 3 Thinking through Identities: Black Peoples, Race Labels and Ethnic Consciousness Chapter 4 Marriage and Family Socialization among Black Americans, Caribbean and African Immigrants Chapter 5 Earnings, Wealth and Social Capital: A Review of Debates and Issues Chapter 6 Contrasting Religious Preferences between Catholic African Americans and Haitian Americans Chapter 7 Becoming American and Maintaining an Ethnic Identity: The Case of Dominican Americans Chapter 8 Beyond Social Distancing: Intermarriage and Ethnic Boundaries among African Americans in Boston Chapter 9 The Stress of Migration and the Mental Health of African Immigrants


Yoku Shaw-Taylor is a research scientist at the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago. Steven A. Tuch is professor of sociology, public policy, and public administration at the George Washington University.


This volume of original research provides historical and contemporary information by comparing US-born African Americans with Caribbean and African blacks now living in the US. Summing Up: Recommended. CHOICE, March 2008 A fine volume of work that enriches our understanding of the rapidly diversifying black community in the United States. Contemporary Sociology
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