Nonlinear Elasticity: Theory and Applications

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This collection of papers by leading researchers in the field of finite, nonlinear elasticity concerns itself with the behavior of objects that deform when external forces or temperature gradients are applied. This process is extremely important in many industrial settings, such as aerospace and rubber industries. This book covers the various aspects of the subject comprehensively with careful explanations of the basic theories and individual chapters each covering a different research direction. The authors discuss the use of symbolic manipulation software as well as computer algorithm issues. The emphasis is placed firmly on covering modern, recent developments, rather than the very theoretical approach often found. The book will be an excellent reference for both beginners and specialists in engineering, applied mathematics and physics.


Preface; 1. Elements of the theory of finite elasticity R. W. Ogden; 2. Hyperelastic Bell materials: retrospection, experiment, theory M. F. Beatty; 3. Universal results in finite elasticity G. Saccomandi; 4. Equilibrium solutions for compressible nonlinearly elastic materials C. O. Horgan; 5. Exact integrals and solutions for finite deformations of the incompressible Varga elastic materials J. M. Hill; 6. Shear Ph. Boulanger and M. Hayes; 7. Elastic membranes D. M. Haughton; 8. Elements of the theory of elastic surfaces D. J. Steigmann; 9. Singularity theory and nonlinear bifurcation analysis Y.-C. Chen; 10. Perturbation methods and nonlinear stability analysis Y. B. Fu; 11. Nonlinear dispersive waves in a circular rod composed of a Mooney-Rivlin material H.-H. Dai; 12. Strain-energy functions with multiple local minima: modeling phase transformations using finite thermo-elasticity R. Abeyaratne, K. Bhattacharya and J. K. Knowles; 13. Pseudo-elasticity and stress softening R. W. Ogden.


"The book succeeds at a variety of levels, and will be a useful resource..." SIAM Review "This beautiful volume, printed with the usual high standards of Cambridge University Press in the Lecture Notes Series of the London Mathematical Society, is a happy addition to the available roster of books on nonlinear continuum mechanics. This is applied mathematics at its best..." Mathematical Reviews "The book represents a good overview of research underway in both the mathematical and physical (mechanics) aspects of nonlinear elasticity at the start of this century." AIAA Journal
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