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This study investigated Chinese international students' perceptions of their learning experiences in New Zealand and their parents' views on their overseas learning. The study was conducted from July to September 2007. Eighty-six Chinese students and twenty parents participated in the study. The study found that Chinese students generally gave positive evaluations to New Zealand tertiary education. They gave positive ratings to academic teaching competence and university programmes, but low ratings to their lecturers' understanding their academic needs, and availability to help them outside class times. Chinese students' perceptions were also related to their difficulties in social and cultural adaptation, prejudices and discrimination. Parental expectations and concerns were found to be an important contributing factor to Chinese students' learning expectations and future plans. This study recommended that staff at New Zealand tertiary institutions, Chinese students and their parents develop their cultural awareness and sensitivity in order to deal with issues relating to international education.


Yi Yang, MMgt: studied Communication Management at Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand. Research interests include intercultural communication and education.
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