Audio-Based Visualization of Expressive Body Movements in Performance

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Januar 2015



An increase in collaboration amongst visual artists, performance artists, musicians, and programmers has given rise to the exploration of multimedia performance arts. A methodology for audio-based visualization has been created that integrates the information of sound with the visualization of physical expressions, with the goal of magnifying the expressiveness of the performance. The emphasis is placed on exalting the music by using the audio to affect and enhance the video processing, while the video does not affect the audio at all. In this sense the music is considered to be autonomous of the video. The audio-based visualization can provide the audience with a deeper appreciation of the music. Unique implementations of the methodology have been created for three compositions. A qualitative analysis of each implementation is employed to evaluate both the technological and aesthetic merits for each composition.


He is a composer and researcher in electroacoustic music. He has Ph.D in Experimental Music & Digital Media at Louisiana State University. His main research area are included visualization of performative aspects in electroacoustic music, web-based performative user interface, and interactive music performance with acoustic instruments.
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