Open Source NGOSS Applications

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Mai 2008



The migration of the TELCO networks towards Next Generation Networks (NGN) requires new solutions in OSS/BSS. The standardization bodies for New Generation Operational software and Systems (NGOSS) are currently in the process of developing and describing the functional requirements and implementation solutions for such NGOSS applications. A large number of publicly available software applications are on offer. However the provided functionality and applicability of such tools is not always clear especially in the case of the development direction of Open Source software.
This book intends to give an overview on the NGOSS standards provided by different standardization bodies. The main focus was to analyze, describe and to rate Open Source applications seen from the TELCO point of view.
Analysis, evaluation and rating of the applicability of the selected applications were performed in the lab environment provided by T-Mobile International GmbH and by University Of Applied Sciences in Cologne.


Yelena (M.Sc. in Information Engineering) is Business Analyst with Detecon International and she has written her master thesis in collaboration with Detecon International, FH-Köln and T-Mobile International GmbH.
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Untertitel: Evaluation of the Feasibility & Applicability of Open Source NGOSS Applications to Support the Product Life Cycle and Operations of TELCO Companies. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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