Metaphors and Gestures in Music Teaching

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Dezember 2011



In cognitive metaphor theory, metaphor is a conceptual and experiential process that structures our world. This book, taking an applied linguistic view on CMT, examines how metaphor is manifested in speech and via gestures by music teachers in classrooms where Mandarin Chinese is the main language employed. Thirteen music sessions by, and interviews with, six teachers in six junior high schools in Taiwan constitute the data. The three-stage analysis focuses on the nature of verbal and gestural metaphors, the relations between verbal and gestural metaphors, their functions, and the educational implications. The study represents an original and exploratory empirical contribution to the field, and the results further support CMT by providing empirical data on how native speakers of Chinese express metaphor via the two modalities. It also contributes to metaphor identification procedures for identifying metaphorically-used words in Chinese, and coding metaphoric gestures.


Dr Chuang is a musician, educator, and an applied linguist. She has a PhD in Education Studies from the University of York, UK and a MPhil in Publishing Studies from the University of Stirling, UK. Her research focuses on language in use, including the use of metaphor in discourse.
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