Modeling of Asphalt Concrete

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An Expert Guide to Developing More-Durable and Cost-Effective Asphalt Pavements
Written by distinguished experts from countries around the world, Modeling of Asphalt Concrete presents in-depth coverage of the current materials, methods, and models used for asphalt pavements. Included is state-of-the-art information on fundamental material properties and mechanisms affecting the performance of asphalt concrete, new rheological testing and analysis techniques, constitutive models, and performance prediction methodologies for asphalt concrete and asphalt pavements. Emphasis is placed on the modeling of asphalt mixes for specific geographic/climatic requirements. In light of America's crumbling infrastructure and our heavy usage of asphalt as a paving material, this timely reference is essential for the development of more-durable and cost-effective asphalt materials for both new construction and rehabilitation.Harness the Latest Breakthroughs in Asphalt Concrete Technology:
. Asphalt Rheology . Constitutive Models . Stiffness Characterization . Models for Low-Temperature Cracking . Models for Fatigue Cracking and Moisture Damage . Models for Rutting and Aging


Chapter 1. Modeling of Asphalt Concrete
Part 1: Asphalt Rheology
Chapter 2. Modeling of Asphalt Binder Rheology and Its Application to Modified Binders
Part 2: Stiffness Characterization
Chapter 3. Comprehensive Overview of the Stiffness Characterization of Asphalt Concrete
Chapter 4. Complex Modulus Characterization of Asphalt Concrete
Chapter 5. Complex Modulus from the Indirect Tension Test
Chapter 6. Interrelationships among Asphalt Concrete Stiffnesses
Part 3: Constitutive Models
Chapter 7. VEPCD Modeling of Asphalt Concrete with Growing Damage
Chapter 8. Unified Disturbed State Constitutive Modeling of Asphalt Concrete
Chapter 9. DBN Law for the Thermo-Visco-Elasto-Plastic Behavior of Asphalt Concrete
Part 4: Models for Rutting
Chapter 10. Rutting Characterization of Asphalt Concrete Using Simple Shear Tests
Chapter 11. Permanent Deformation Assessment for Asphalt Concrete Pavement and Mixture Design
Part 5: Models for Fatigue Cracking and Moisture Damage
Chapter 12. Micromechanics Modeling of Performance of Asphalt Concrete Based on Surface Energy
Chapter 13. Field Evaluation of Moisture Damage in Asphalt Concrete
Part 6: Models for Low-Temperature Cracking
Chapter 14. Prediction of Thermal Cracking with TCMODEL
Chapter 15. Low-Temperature Fracture in Asphalt Binders, Mastics, and Mixtures


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