Advances in Energy Transfer Processes - Proceedings of the 16th Course of the International School of Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy

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November 2001



This volume describes advances in both experimental and theoretical treatments in the field of energy transfer processes that are relevant to various fields, such as spectroscopy, laser technology, phosphors, artificial solar energy conversion, and photobiology.


Fundamental interactions leading to energy transfer, B. Di Bartolo; energy transfer processes in atoms and molecules, W. Demtroder et al; advances in the techniques for the study of energy transfer, D. Hulin; upconversion phenomena with laser applications, X. Chen; new applications of ultrafast spectroscopy, J.M. Hvam; efficient solid state lasers, N.P. Barnes; emission efficiency and energy transfer in colour centres at high concentrations, G. Baldacchini; four-wave mixing studies of energy transfer processes, G. Boulon; upconventional light emissions in rare-earth doped solids, F. Auzel; photonic molecular and supramolecular devices, J.M. Lehn; reflections on the theory of everything, G. Costa; earthquakes, measurements, and mitigation of seismic risk, R. Console; site selectivity of defects in III-V compounds by local mode spectroscopy and model calculations, D.N. Talwar; the general non-radiative energy transfer master equations for crystalline materials, the exact solution and current modelling, L.A. Diaz-Torres et al; and other papers.
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