Masculinity Beseiged?-CL

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Februar 2000



A feminist psychoanalytic account of changing conceptions of men and masculinity as seen in recent Chinese literature.


Xueping Zhong is Assistant Professor in the Department of German/Russian/Asian Languages at Tufts University.


"Bold, far-reaching in its implications, brilliant in its interpretation of specific texts. Zhong has contributed to the growing literature of the meanings of Chinese modernity in a most illuminating way."--Marilyn Young, New York University "I cannot think of a single other work on China that goes into the cultural politics of masculinity in contemporary Chinese literature in such depth. This book will generate a great deal of discussion."--Lisa Rofel, University of California, Santa Cruz "This is an outstanding book. Rarely does one come across a work in the China field that considers gender and related theoretical issues with as deep a sense of history as does this one. Zhong's scholarship provides us with extraordinary new insights into the cultural politics of post-Mao China in the 1980s."--Lydia Liu, University of California, Berkeley
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