Whither China?: Intellectual Politics in Contemporary China

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März 2002



Chinese cultural and intellectual politics waned after the Tiananmen Square incident. This volume explores their revitalization in the 1990s.


Contents: Part I Overview From ideology to politics: Intelelctual development in China in the 1990s Xudong Zhang New York University Part II Against the neo-liberal dogma: Four arguments from China Toward a plebian democracy: A critique of Chinese conservatism in the 1990s Yang Univerity of Hong Kong Whither China? The discourse on property rights in the Chinese reform context Zhiyuan Cui Massachusetts Institute of Technology The changing role of the government in China Shaoguang Wang Yale University Contemporary Chinese thought and the question of modernity Wang Hui Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Part III In the global context King Kong in Hong Kong: Watching the "Handover" from the USA Rey Chow University of California, Irvine The burden of history: On Lin Zexu (1959) and The Opium War (1997) Rebecca Karl New York University Mao to the market Peter Hitchcock City University of New York Chinese consumerism and politics of envy: Cargo in the 1990s? Louise Schein Rutgers University Nationalism, mass culture and intellectual strategies in post-Tiananmen China 1990s Xudong Zhang New York University Street scenes of subalternality: China, globalization and rights Michael Dutton University of Melbourne


Xudong Zhang is Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and East Asian Studies at New York University.


"The introduction is a real "tour de force," It shows excellent understanding both of the intellectual climate of the West, which still tends to be the source of 'global ideas' and of China. . . . [T]his book . . . has been beautifully edited and written. . . . The production is . . . excellent . . . . [T]his is an important book. The introduction is especially important . . . [I]t should be very useful for specialists and students and I recommend it strongly."
--Colin Mackerras, "The China Review"
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