Reflections on Principles and Practice of International Law

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Februar 2000



This collection of essays in honour of Professor Leo Bouchez covers a wide variety of topics within the field of international law and related disciplines which Professor Bouchez came into contact with over the course of his long and distinguished career as a practising attorney. The contributions, by a distinguished group of friends and professional colleagues, reflect the diversity of his intellectual interests and professional activities, of both a theoretical and a practical nature. The essays include such topics as jurisdiction, extradition law, human rights and self-determination, the use of force and the enforcement of United Nations sanctions, territory and the law of the sea, as well as essays on municipal law topics relating to international law and on international relations. Professor Bouchez was a senior partner in the firm of Houthoff and Associates and Adjunct Professor of International Law at the University of Utrecht until his retirement in 1998.


List of Contributors. Leo J. Bouchez Plus bibliography;
W.P. Heere, The Problem of Nationality in Extradition Proceedings;
S. Bedi. Just War Doctrine in Modern Context;
T.D. Gill. Problems of Jurisdiction in Air and Outer Space;
W.P. Heere. The Watercourses Convention in the Context of the Gabcikovo-Nagymaros case;
E. Hey. New Mining Legislation of the Netherlands and the Underground Storage of Natural Gas;
J. Van der Horst. Asian Territorial Disputes, with Special Reference to the Islands of Sipadan and Ligitan;
Succession to Dutch and British titles? Ko Swan Sik. Beyond Idolization and Contempt: Using Human Rights to Curb Violence against Women in South Asia;
F.C. Meindersma. Some Comments on the Principles of International Law relating to the Acquisition of Territory;
H.H.G. Post. State Responsibility and Jurisdiction: Grotius and an Early 17th Century Case;
C.G. Roelofsen. Historic Waters in the Third United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea;
S. Rosenne. A 'New' Exception to the Freedom of the High Seas: The Enforcement of U.N. Sanctions;
A.H.A. Soons. State Immunity and the Law of Civil Procedure and Execution in The Netherlands;
C.C.A. Voskuil. On Democracy;
J.K. De Vree. Self-Determination in a World of Conflict - A Source of Instability or Instrument of Peace? M.C. Van Walt van Praag. Index.
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