A Handbook on Accession to the Wto: A Wto Secretariat Publication

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Mai 2008



Produced by the WTO Secretariat, this handbook explains the process whereby governments become Members of the WTO.


Introduction and summary; 1. Accession in perspective; 2. The basic rules; 3. Technical assistance and training for acceding countries; 4. The accession process: the procedures and how they have been applied; 5. Substance of accession negotiations; Annexes: Annex 1. Statistical survey; Annex 2. WTO provisions on accession; Annex 3. Ministerial declarations (accession-related paragraphs); Annex 4. Guidelines for accession of least-developed countries; Annex 5. Documentation and timeline for completed accessions; Annex 6. Basic factual information to be supplied; Annex 7. Supplementary factual information; Annex 8. Formats for initial tariff offer and for schedule of Concessions and Commitments on Goods; Annex 9. Drafting a services schedule; Annex 10. Text of decisions on accession and accession protocols; Annex 11. List of WTO agreements and associated legal instruments; Annex 12. Overview of protocol commitments; Annex 13. Suggested formats for legislative action plans and transitional periods for LDC; Annex 14. Agricultural tariff rate quotas and special safeguards; Annex 15. Sectoral initiatives.


'The accession process is important for many reasons and yet it is among the least studied and understood parts of the trading system. Thus, the WTO Secretariat is to be commended for sponsoring this project and enlisting Mr Williams to write The Handbook on Accession to the WTO. The Handbook will be especially useful for government officials and the private sector of applicant countries who need to understand the arcane accession process. The Handbook will also help to stimulate new scholarship on accession. Journal of World Trade Review
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