Succeeding in Central and Eastern Europe: A Guide to Cultures, Markets and Practices

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Mai 2001



This book identifies a variety of factors, including an anti-business attitude and a resistance to Western-style change, that hinder some attempts at development within Central and Eastern Europe. It provides a frame of reference for understanding the "post-Soviet syndrome" - with its remnants of corruption and mistrust of managers and customers alike - that continues to haunt the countries of CEE. Dr. Sears and Ms. Tamulionyte-Lentz give readers solutions for overcoming the problems inherent in this region. They explain how Western executives can build relationships and find point of cultural "synthesis" with their Central and Eastern European counterparts and ultimately create a new and mutually beneficial work culture with their ventures.
With understanding and insights on the cultural nuances of the region, 'Succeeding in Business in Central and Eastern Europe' can help all Western visitors, even tourists, who arrive at this increasingly popular destination.


A world of distinctions and distortions; What and where is CEE?; So many similarities, so many differences; Coming home as a stranger in a strange land; Finding points of synthesis; Building on common ground; Customer service and client maintenance in CEE; The long shadow of mother Russia; Culture, corruption, and other imperatives; Looking ahead; Looking for a CEE-specific manager development model.
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