Practical implementation of practicum program

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To solve the inefficiency of traditional training of teachers, MOE has designed Complete TESO. The aim of TESO is to enable TEIs produce well-trained teachers. Then, practicum was designed as a core course category. However, the introduction of the new practicum may not be fruitful unless it is effectively implemented. It can be also argued that the theoretical innovation of the new program does not guarantee the production of competent and well trained teachers. Further more, a paradigm shift as well as a development of an effective program by itself does mean nothing unless its participants actively perform their roles. This book, therefore, provides you with practical evidence about the extent to which college tutors and cooperating teachers are involved in the implementation of practicum at school level. For this purpose, NCTE and seven second cycle primary schools in Nekemte were selected.Thus, the book will help supervisors, teachers, tutors, practicum coordinators, TEIs, scholars, and other professionals to have clear information about the status of practicum implementation.


Wondimu Tegegne was born in 1983 at Galila,Limmu District of Wallaga Zone. He took his B.Ed in English Language Teaching from Jimma University in 2005.He studied TEFL for his MA at AAU,Ethiopia.Then, he taught English Language Courses at Wolaita Soddo University for two years.Currently, he is pursuing his PhD in Applied Linguistics .
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