Evaluating the Accuracy of Absorbed Dose in Photon Beam Radiotherapy

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Januar 2013



As everybody knows cancer is a global problem and its prevalence will increase dramatically over the next decade, especially in the developing world. In many developing countries, cancer treatments such as radiation are only available at a few sites nationally and often in just one city. In order to successfully implement an appropriate quality assurance program for treatment planning, adequate resources must be allocated. This limits the need of quality control program and treatment dose accuracy. Hence access, quality and efficiency of radiotherapy service in developing countries must be understood to advance effective cancer control programs. Researches based on these can provide insight in these areas.


Wondimagegn Anjulo Sisay was born in December 1982 in Arbaminch, Southern Nations Nationalities and people Regional State, Ethiopia. He pursued his BSc degree in Applied Physics from Addis Ababa University and Msc degree in the field of Medical Physics from Haramaya University and working in Arbaminch University as Lecturer
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