European Expansion and Law: The Encounter of European and Indigenous Law in the 19th- And 2th-Century Africa and Asia

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The history of European expansion overseas also includes the history of the expansion of concepts and principles of European law into the non-European world. The values and ideas it expressed have, to this day, deeply influenced indigenous societies and governments. At the same time indigenous concepts of law were 'discovered' and codified by European scholars. The outcome of this was a complex and intense interaction between European and local concepts of law, which resulted in many dual legal systems in the African and Asian colonies and which is examined in this volume by prominent historians, lawyers and legal anthropologists.


The law market - the legal encounter in British East and Centra Africa, M. Chanook; the development of the dual legal system in former Belgian Central Africa, F. Reyntjens; jurisdiction as politics - the Gold Coast during the Colonial period, J. Simensen; legal developments in the Maghrib, 1830-1930, J.-L. Miege; the impact of European law on the Ottoman Empire and Turkey, E. Orucu; European law and tradition in Japan during the Meiji era, 1868-1912, E. Seizelet; the treaty system and European law in China, P.H. Ch'en; colonial dilemma - Van Vollenhoven and the struggle between Adat law and Western law in Indonesia, C. Fasseur; the Indian and British law machines - remarks on law and society in British India, D.H.A Kolff; the "popularity" of the imperial courts of law - three views of the Anglo-Indian legal encounter, P. Price; wives, widows and workers - women and the law in the Anglo-Indian legal ecounter, D. Engels; symbiosis of indigenous and Western law in Africa and Asia - an essay in legal pluralism, F. von Benda-Beckmann; law as a means and law an an end - some remarks on the function of the European and non-European law in the process of European expansion, J. Fisch.


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