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¿FairEconomy is a concept for a free and fair market economy. In response to the financial and economic crises of the past years, the authors develop fundamental ideas of how a market economy works, what rules markets need and who safeguards fairness and equal opportunity in such an economy. The book sets out the design of a sustainable market order: Going back to the very roots of doing business it offers a fascinating insight into the cultural and anthropological premises of the market economy. Fairness and free competition can be identified as key elements of successful markets, sometimes neglected in politics and business. Legal rules need to ensure that fairness and economic freedom work. The same holds true for the relationship of risk and liability that has been overlooked in the banking sector. The ideas of a FairEconomy, sketched in this book, are fit to become a reality: The authors point to institutions and mechanisms that could integrate the concept into global law. They place their trust less upon ever-larger institutions and more on private entitlement and enforcement at the global, regional, and local levels.   ¿


Anthropological and Economic Foundations of FairEconomy.
Rules on Competition after the Crisis.
A Matter of Risk and Balance - Discussing a System of Liability for Financial Products.
Sanctions and Procedure.
Conclusion: the Concept of FairEconomy.



Rupprecht Podszun, geboren 1976 in Brilon, unabhängig, überparteilich. Jurastudium in Heidelberg, London und derzeit München. War 6, als Helmut Kohl Kanzler wurde, und als er zum ersten Mal wählen durfte, war Kohl es immer noch. Polit-Junkie seit dem Atom-Gau in Tschernobyl und dem Barschel-Gau an der Waterkant. Zahlreiche Beiträge für kleine und große Zeitungen (u.a. Zeit und Süddeutsche), Zeitschriften und Bücher.
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Untertitel: Crises, Culture, Competition and the Role of Law. 'MPI Studies on Intellectual Property, Competition and Tax Law'. 2013. Auflage. Previously published in hardcover. Sprache: Englisch.
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