Teacher Demand in Secondary Schools in Boroma District, Somaliland

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Education is the cornerstone of all economies, and without which, or with poor education, all other sectors fail. Of the 4Ms of production, the other three remain docile unless manipulated by man. Education being what it is, the task of making available sufficient numbers of properly qualified teachers for the attainment of the objectives of the education need not be overemphasized. But despite this understanding, teacher planning in secondary schools in Somaliland has been poor and disorganized with basic parameters generally lacking. While there should be not less than 250 teachers for the 12 secondary schools in Boroma District, there are only 157, and 46.03% of these are found in only 3 schools. The total enrollment in secondary schools in Boroma is 1601, 1518, 1357 and 1316 students in Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 respectively with dropout rates of 5.18%, 10.60% and 3.02%, and a gross dropout rate of 6.26%, and an average audience of 399.03. There is a general under staffing by at least 93 teachers. There is need to recruit new staff, train and develop, and institute retention programs.


Mr. Ahmed A. Tallan, MEd; Studied Educational Policy and Planning at Amoud University, Somaliland. Principal, Al-aqsa Secondary School,Somaliland. Oso W. Yuko, PhD: Studied Educational Planning and Management; Educational Management at Makerere University, Uganda; Curriculum at Egerton University, Kenya. Director,SRPGS, Amoud University, Somaliland
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