Lining Out the Word: Dr. Watts Hymn Singing in the Music of Black Americans

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Juni 2006



A definitive study of the influence of hymnody on the history of African American music.


List of Illustrations Preface Acknowledgments Introduction Part I. The Proverbial Trees: Patterns of Change in African American Music Making
1. Blest Be the Tie That Binds": Part I: Congregational Singing as a Worship Ethos for Dr. Watts Hymns
2. Blest Be the Tie That Binds": Part II: Regional Style Traditions of Dr. Watts Hymn Singing
3. Our God, Our Help in Ages Past": The Tradition of Dr. Watts in English Historical Perspective
4. Father, I Stretch My Hands to Thee": The Tradition of Dr. Watts in African Historical Perspective
5. I Love the Lord, He Heard My Cries": The Role of Dr. Watts Hymns in the Musical Acculturation of African Americans
6. Go Preach My Gospel, Saith the Lord": Words as Movers and Shakers in African American Music Part II. The Proverbial Forest: Webs of Significance in African American Music Making
7. I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say": The Singing Life of the Reverend Doctor C.{ths}J. Johnson (1913 90)
8. Come Ye That Love the Lord": The Lining Out Ring Shout Continuum and the Five-Key Sequence
9. God Moves in a Mysterious Way": The Lining Out Ring Shout Continuum beyond Church Walls Conclusion Appendix A. Selection of Transcribed and Discussed Performances Appendix B. Partial Annotated List of Recorded Lining-Out Performances Held in the Archive of Folk Culture, Library of Congress Notes Bibliography Discography Index


William T. Dargan is Professor of Music at Saint Augustine's College.

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