Clinical Child Psychiatry

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Clinical Child Psychiatry, Second Edition serves as a focused text of the major problems, challenges and practices commonly encountered in clinical child psychiatry. The introductory section covers assessment of the patient, treatment planning and a review of CBT and play therapy.


Dedication. Preface. List of Contributors. SECTION 1: THE FUNDAMENTALS OF CLHILD AND ADOLESCENT PSYCHIATRIC PRACTICE. Chapter 1. The Initial Psychiatric Evaluation (W. Klykylo). Chapter 2. Psychological Assessment of Children (A. Cordell). Chapter 3. Neurobiological Assessment (G. Realmuto). Chapter 4. Educational Assessment and School Consultation (D. Feldis). Chapter 5. Psychiatric Assessment of Medically I11 Children, Including Children with HIV (D. Rube & G. Costea). Chapter 6. How to Plan and Tailor Treatment: An Overview of Diagnosis and Treatment Planning (B. McConville & S. Delgado). Chapter 7. Assessment of Infants and Toddlers (M. Drell). Chapter 8. Play Therapy (S. Mumford). Chapter 9. Cognitive Behavioral therapy (C.A Clark).A SECTION II: COMMON CHILD AND ADOLESCENT PSYCHIATRIC DISORDERS. Chapter 10. Attention deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (D. Rube & D. Reddy). Chapter 11. Disruptive Behaviour Disorders (N. KarnikA & H. Steiner).A Chapter 12. Child and Adolescent Affective Disorders and their treatment (R. Bowers). Chapter 13. Anxiety disorders in Childhood and Adolescence (C. Donnelly & D. McQuade). Chapter 14. Substance Use in Adolescents (J. Countryman). Chapter 15. Childhood Trauma (S. Edsall, et al.). SECTION III: DEVELOPEMNTAL DISORDERS. Chapter 16. Attachment and its Disorders (J. Kay). Chapter 17. The Eating Disorders (R. Sansone & L. Sansone). Chapter 18. Elimination Disorders:Enuresis and Encopresis (D. Feeney). Chapter 19. Sexual Development and the Treatment of Sexual Disorders in Children and Adolescents (J. Lock & J. Couturier). Chapter 20. Learning and Communications Disorders (P. Gulley). Chapter 21. The Autistic Spectrum Disorders (T. Owley, et al.). Chapter 22. Mental Retardation (B. King, et al.). Chapter 23. Tic and Tourette's Disorder (B. Coffey & R. Shechter). SECTION IV: SPECIAL PROBLEMS IN CHLD AND ADOLESCENT PSYCHAITRY. Chapter 24. Psychotic Disorders (M. Sorter). Chapter 25. Neuropsychological Assessment and the Neurologically Impaired Child (S. Grewe & K. Yeates). Chapter 26. The Somatoform Disorders (D. DeMaso & P. Beasley).A Chapter 27. Sleep Disorders (M. Scharf & C. Scharf). Chapter 28. Loss: Divorce, Separation, and Bereavement (J. Snyder). Chapter 29. Foster Care and Adoption (J. McCarley & C. Weston). Chapter 30. Child Psychiatry and the Law (D. Mossman). Index.


William M. Klykylo, M.D., Professor and Director, Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Wright State University. Professor Klykylo is one of the USA's leading child psychiatrists, working in all areas of the care of children with psychiatric disorders. Jerald Kay, M.D. , Professor and Chair, Department of Psychiatry, Wright State University. Professor Kay is an expert in attachment disorders as well as heading up the department of Psychiatry at Wright State University. He is considered one of the leading educators in psychiatry in the USA.


"This will be useful as a reference guide. For those entering the field, it is a good book to begin is easy to read and the methods used to employ this information enhance the text." (Doody's Health Services)
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