America's 100th Meridian: A Plains Journey

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April 2006



Resulting from an arduous series of six journeys along the two-thousand-mile line that divides East from West, Monte Hartman's perceptive photographs provide the intimate yet dispassionate observations of a person who chose to explore the meanings inherent in the great "empty middle" between our coasts. These images inspired William Kittredge to travel the Meridian himself. His essay, an unblinking yet sensitive musing on what once was and what now remains, offers a poignant counterpoint to Hartman's visual tapestry.


American Heartline Points of Departure


Monte Hartman has an M.A. in art from UCLA and forty years of experience in photography, design, and the arts. He lives with his wife in Hayward, California.William Kittredge, one of America's great Western writers, has authored many books, including Hole in the Sky and Who Owns the West?


"Through his photographs, Hartman presents a nuanced study of the region...Hartman's images at times evoke 1930s Farm Security Administration (FSA) photographs, for example "Cottonfield at Sunrise" or "Freshly Ploughed," but in rich, saturated colors, as if the FSA photographers had stepped into Oz. Hartman's images, however, range further and deeper, capturing those marvelous patterns that most of us miss as we move too quickly through landscapes, whether it is sunlight through a hanging lace tablecloth or swirling white teeth on red wheel rakes... [Hartman] succeeded in creating his own moving panorama, taking us armchair travelers with him to explore a "geographer's line," unfurling a ribbon of American life before our eyes, to both entertain and educate." --Christina Dando, New Mexico Historical Review, Winter 2009
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