A Guide to Bird Finding in New Jersey, Revised and Updated

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August 2002



New Jersey is one of the smallest and most densely populated states, yet the remarkable diversity of its birdlife surpasses that of many larger states. Well over 400 species of birds have been recorded in New Jersey and an active birder can hope to see more than 300 species in a year.William J. Boyle has updated his classic guide to birding in New Jersey, featuring all new maps and ten new illustrations. The book is an invaluable companion for every birder -- novice or experienced, New Jerseyan or visitor.A Guide to Bird Finding in New Jersey features:
-- More than 130 top birding spots described in detail
-- Clear maps, travel directions, species lists, and notes on birding
-- An annotated list of the frequency and abundance of the state's birds, including waterbirds, pelagic birds, raptors, migrating birds, and northern and southern birds at the edge of their usual ranges
-- A comprehensive bibliography and indexThe guide also includes helpful information on:
-- Birding in Ne Jersey by season
-- Telephone and Internet rare bird alerts
-- Pelagic birding
-- Hawk watching
-- Bird and nature clubs in the state


WILLIAM J. BOYLE, JR., a chemist by profession, is regional editor for Audubon Field Notes and coeditor of Birdfinding in Forty National Forests and Grasslands. He has spent almost thirty years exploring every corner of New Jersey for the study and enjoyment of its birdlife.
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