Life of the Past

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August 1998



</U> This comprehensive introduction to the history of life on Earth explores the basic principles and processes, the rich history of past life forms -- marine and terrestrial -- and the major events that shaped this history. Emphasizes the complexity and diversity of life through time.</U> Considers the causes for major events in Earth history --and weighs various interpretations. KEY TOPICS:</U> Some of the many topics</U> covered are: the organization of life, rocks and fossils, origins of the earth, oceans, atmosphere, and life, organic evolution and extinction,.marine predators, .early and advanced consumers on land. The book minimizes the use of technical terms,</U> while providing to the reader short chapter-end lists of important key words and defines each term in a glossary.


1. Time and Fossils. 2. The Organization of Life. 3. Rocks and Fossils. 4. Origins of the Earth, Oceans, Atmosphere, and Life. 5. Organic Evolution and Extinction. 6. Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics. 7. Paleobiogeography. 8. The Precambrian Fossil Record. 9. Introduction to Marine Communities and the Cambrian. 10. Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic Ocean-Bottom Faunas. 11. The Fossil Record of Plankton and Nekton. 12. Marine Predators. 13. Origin and Early Evolution of Terrestrial Communities. 14. Terrestrial Primary Producers: The Land Plants. 15. Early Consumers on Land: Reptiles. 16. Advanced Consumers on Land: The Mammals. 17. Primate and Human Evolution. 18. Conclusions. Glossary. Index.
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