So You Want to Be a Superintendent?

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Chapter 1 Preface Chapter 2 Acknowledgements Chapter 3 Career Paths Leading to the Superintendency Chapter 4 Sacrifices and Rewards of the Position Chapter 5 The First Year Chapter 6 Budgets and Bond Issues Chapter 7 The Superintendent's Relationship with the Board of Education Chapter 8 The Superintendent's Relationship with Faculty and Staff Members Chapter 9 Working with the Administrative Team Chapter 10 The Superintendent as an Instructional Leader Chapter 11 The Superintendent and the Law Chapter 12 Surviving in the Political Arena of the Community Chapter 13 The Superintendent and Technology Chapter 14 The Superintendent's Personal Life Chapter 15 Career Choices Chapter 16 Some Final Thoughts on Leadership Chapter 17 Is the Superintendency the Right Job for You?

Pressestimmen a valuable guide filled with insight based on many years of experiences. Clearly, Hayes is in tune with the skills needed for success as a superintendent. School board members and current superintendents should give copies of this work to those they have identified as up-and-coming leaders. This book could also serve as a discussion point on the value of being a superintendent. School Administrator
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