American Impressionism

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An expanded and revised edition of the survey of American Impressionism, including Childe Hassam, John Twachtman, Edmund Tarbell and Frederick Frieseke. It also looks at the roots of American Impressionism, explaining its progress from the avant-garde to more diverse manifestations.


I. Prelude, To 1886; 1. Nature and American Art; 2. Glare: An Alternative Aesthetic; 3. Americans Abroad after the Civil War; 4. Americans and Impressionism, at Home and Abroad; II. Rising Perceptions, 1886-1893; 5. Giverny: The 1st Generation; 6. The Early Masters; 7. Widening Exposure; III. The Years Of Triumph, 1893-1898; 8. The World's Columbian Exposition of 1893; 9. The Master Impressionists; IV. The Impressionist Establishment, 1898-1915; 10. The Ten American Painters; 11. The Master Impressionists; 12. Regional Schools; 13. Giverny: The Second Generation; 14. Impressionism and the New Generation; 15. The Final Statement; 16. Impressionist Themes


Recognized as the leading authority on American Impressionism, Dr. William H. Gerdts has written extensively on that and many other topics in American art. His numerous books include these from Abbeville Press: Childe Hassam. Impressionist; William Glackens; California Impressionism; and Impressionist New York.
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