Agricultural Nonpoint Source Pollution: Watershed Management and Hydrology

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Written by experts, Agricultural Nonpoint Source Pollution: Watershed Management and Hydrology provides a single-source reference covering techniques and methods for managing large watersheds. The authors discuss the effects of agricultural run-off - one of the most intransigent problems now faced by environmental engineers and hydrologists. They explore each issue with an eye towards the integrated management of water quality and water resources over a defined area or region. The book includes topics such as: nitrate and phosphorus pollution, pesticide run-off, erosion and sedimentation, water-table management, and watershed management.


Hydrology Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Nitrogen and Water Quality Phosphorus and Water Quality Impacts Pesticides and Water Quality Impacts Nonpoint Source Pollution and Livestock Manure Management Irrigated Agriculture and Water Quality Impacts Agricultural Drainage and Water Quality Water Quality Models Best Management Practices for Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Monitoring
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