Drift Station: Arctic Outposts of Superpower Science

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Dezember 2006



Danger is the constant companion of ice-based researchers


William F. Althoff enjoys dual careers as a geologist and historian. His research and writing concern U.S. naval aviation, polar aeronautics, and the history of technology. Althoff has logged numerous visits to the Arctic, working with Canadian and American officials, and, as a guest of the Russian government, conducted research at the renowned Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute in St. Petersburg. He was Ramsey Fellow in Naval Aviation History at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. He is the author of USS Los Angeles: The Navy's Venerable Airship and Aviation Technology (Brassey's, Inc. 2003).


"What historian William F. Althoff calls the White Desert emerged as a key arena for superpower rivalry during the Cold War era. A world set apart, the Arctic has drawn over time a succession of explorers, scientists, aviators, mariners, and military figures to its inhospitable terrain. A geologist by profession and a military historian, Althoff is no stranger to the northern latitudes, having made three field trips to Arctic Canada. He masterfully shows how this cruel, vast, faraway polar region attracted the United States and the Soviet Union over many decades, a rivalry where the pursuit of strategic military goals mixed awkwardly with ongoing strides in scientific research. Beyond the Cold War, as Althoff notes, the Arctic became the last frontier in oceanography. His engaging narrative offers a fascinating blend of history and science, prompting a new appreciation of the Arctic polar region."
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