Therapeutic Modalities: For Sports Medicine and Athletic Training

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This text is a contributed work by well-known trainers and educators, written under the direction of Dr. Prentice. The 6th edition continues to be the only text developed specifically for athletic trainers. This text is also appropriate for those physical therapists that are involved in a sports medicine curriculum.


I Foundations of Therapeutic Modalities 1 The Basic Science of Therapeutic Modalities 2 Using Therapeutic Modalities to Effect the Healing Process 3 Managing Pain with Therapeutic Modalities II Thermal Energy Modalities 4 Thermotherapy and Cryotherapy III Electrical Energy Modalities 5 Basic Principles of Electricity and Electrical Stimulating Currents 6 Iontophoresis 7 Biofeedback IV Sound Energy Modalities 8 Therapeutic Ultrasound V Electromagnetic Energy Modalities 9 Low-level Laser 10 Diathermy VI Mechanical Energy Modalities 11 Intermittent Compression 12 Spinal traction 13 Massage Appendix A: Location of the Motor Points Appendix B: Units of Measure Appendix C: Answers to Self-Quizzes


William E. Prentice, Ph.D., PT, ATC, Professor, Coordinator of Sports Medicine Specialization Department of Physical Education, Exercise and Sports Science, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
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