Selected Short Stories Wm. Dean Howells

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September 1992



A lovingly annotated sampling of stories by the prolific Howells (1837 - 1920), now best known for his many novels and for his unstinting efforts to champion realism in American literature in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Bardon provides both a lengthy general introduction setting the stories (written between 1861 and 1917) within the context of Howells's career (ironically, as she points out, Howells was best known in his own time for his short fiction and essays; only later did he become identified primarily as a novelist), as well as prefaces to each of the 13 tales. They range from the elegantly slight ("A Dream") to the lyrical ("Christmas Every Day"), and from closely observed tales of psychological and intellectual complexity ("A Difficult Case") to work with frank supernatural overtones ("The Angel of the Lord"). A varied and impressive gathering, surprisingly fresh and intriguing, and a necessary volume for any Howells collection. (Kirkus Reviews)


Ruth Bardon, who was educated at Swarthmore College, the Writers Workshop at the University of Iowa, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, now lives in Durham, North Carolina.
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