Race, Class, and Family Intervention: Engaging Parents and Families for Academic Success

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Many scholars have done research that suggests that too many poor black and Latino families have child-rearing strategies and home environments that are inconsistent with school achievement. This book reports on an effort to intervene in the home life of a group of non-white parents and grandparents who have low-performing children where each family is asked to adopt the characteristics of middle-class families.


Part 1 Part 1: Race, Class, and Educational Achievement Chapter 3 Research Methods Chapter 4 Initial Observations Part 5 Part 2: Intervention for Academic Success Chapter 6 Kendra Allen Chapter 7 Ida Smith Chapter 7 Jason Green Chapter 8 Anita Terry Chapter 9 Juan Luis Martienez Chapter 10 Jose Rosales Chapter 11 Frederico and Jose Luis Villar Chapter 12 Changing Class: What Have We Learned? Chapter 13 Appendix: Sample Curriculum and Intervention Notes


William Alfred Sampson is a professor of public policy at DePaul University in Chicago. His research has focused on both social class and the education of poor nonwhite students.


Race, Class, and Family Intervention is a gigantic accomplishment, a ground-breaking work. Sampson has been able to go... into the daily lives of students who under perform in school. He has given us important clues about how to improve their school and life chances. While his methodology is sound and sophisticated, his reporting has the most minimal necessary jargon, making it accessible to researcher, practitioner, and policy-maker. This is a timely, highly useful, and important book! -- James P. Comer, MD, MPH, Maurice Falk Professor of Child Psychiatry, Yale University and founder, Yale Child Study Center School Development Program This is an exciting, innovative, and important book. It is important because it tackles head-on the issue of what poor minority families can do to improve the educational performance of their children. It is innovative because it combines the joint methods of experimental intervention and ethnographic observation to see if parents can change their parenting practices in ways that will help their children. And it is exciting because, as all readers will learn, there are things that can be done, though doing them demands much discipline. The book is an easy and important read. -- Thomas Cook, Joan and Serepta Harrison Chair in Ethics and Justice and professor, Northwestern University, Institute for Policy Research Dr. Sampson's book brings attention to the activities of poor Latino and African American students who lead school achievement and those that do not. It also brings into focus how interventions to change families are misguided in cases of severe poverty. -- Dr. Javier Tapia, School of Education, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Dr. Sampson's research is helping practitioners... better understand the basic nature of the cause and effect relationship between parent and child. In turn, with this clear understanding, we are able to refine our programmatic interventions to be more effective in preparing parents to successfully support their children's advancement at school. Dr. Sampson's research is also expanding a growing body of knowledge which is a prerequisite to public policy change. -- Kevin Limbeck, executive director, Family Focus, Inc., Chicago My staff is currently using Dr. Sampson's research to assist parents in their role as their child's first and most important teacher and have found that those families that internalize and practice the recommendations are demonstrating improvements. Dr. Sampson's research and work with families in partnership with school and school-based programs can ultimately lead to a drastic decrease in the educational gap and to widespread social implications and policies. [This] book will lay a foundation for crucial conversations that need to take place in families, communities, districts, and among policymakers. It will also provide some guidance for social service and educational programs that work with at-risk families and children. -- Angela Johnson, center facilitator, District 65 Family Center, Evanston, IL
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